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AVS Document Converter

21-10-2016, 03:54
AVS Document Converter | 30.33 MB

AVS Document Converter is designed to view and convert various types of documents. It reads text and image files and converts them to PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTML, JPEG, TIFF, EPUB and other formats.
u2ua Category: Softwares
245 Cookbooks with Focus on Healthy Choices
2016 | Ebook collection | 245 PDF | 1.14 GB

245 Cookbooks focused on health food and Paleo in particular. There are a collection of Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint, Well Fed, Loren Cordain, Jamie Oliver, Paleo Power Lunch, and various more.
manhneovn Category: ebooks